About Us

Who we are

GC Innovations is committed to connecting people in and beyond the borders of South Africa. We understand the diversity of our people, as well as the dynamics of our market. GC Innovations is breaking the language barrier by integrating the official languages of South Africa into our devices.

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We thrive on business excellence and we are constantly focused on growth orientation as well as keeping up to date with global technology trends. Our aim is to bring digital technology to every individual, home, school, business and organization at an affordable rate. We believe that together we can build a better future by strategizing and implementing our future plans to build a distinctive brand. We strive to make a difference not only in the lives of our fellow South Africans but in the lives of many. To us, own the future has more than just one meaning.  At GC Innovations owning the future means progressively building momentum to better deliver an exceptional product to our clients


  • We are passionate about becoming the most admired and commendable proudly South African brand.
  • GC Innovations is enthusiastic about leaving our footprint on the African continent.
  • We endeavour to bring lasting change, not only in the lives of our partners but also in the lives of others through our CSI Programs.


  • GC Innovations thrive on business excellence, stays growth orientated and keep up to date with global technology trends.
  • We aspire to empower our youth by giving back to the various communities and people, inspiring the youth to become a tech savvy generation.
  • Creating opportunities for the development of future business leaders as well as global economically active citizens takes priority through our programs.


  • We conduct all business with honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • We value each client and place emphasis on building long lasting relationships.
  • GC Innovations believes in reward and recognition to our clients and staff alike.